Thursday, November 17, 2016

Here's to your health!

Image result for beer and healthOver several years, there have been many studies that research the effects of beer on your health. While you can rest assured that there have not been new findings that tell us mass consumption of craft beer will keep you from ever dying, researchers are starting to find that moderate consumption is more healthy for you than red wine! Beer studies have now shown that a brew or 2 a day can help decrease the loss of good cholesterol, increase bone density, reduce risks of heart disease, and more. While this is not a reason to pick up regular binge drinking, I find it interesting, and it can be fun to discuss. As there are always new findings coming out, I have created the link above, labeled "Health and Beer" and will try to update it when I see new and interesting findings from knowledgeable sources. I have currently added 3 very interesting sources and compiled some of their research for easier reading. Don't worry, I'll always include where you can find the source information that I write so that you can contact them instead of me when you want to call "BS."

Instead of heading to the gym this afternoon, I think I'll have a beer! Cheers