Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Red Brick Brewing Company

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Like many GA breweries, Red Brick is located in a more industrial area of Atlanta. Still easily within Uber range, but I wouldn’t plan on walking to dinner after your visit. On my first trip to Red Brick in 2012, I had a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide who led a decent sized tour group. I could hear every word, ask beginner and beer enthusiast questions, and enjoy learning about the brewery and its history. I have returned to Red Brick a number of times since, but have not revisited the official tour: If the tours are still conducted anything like they were at my first visit, I would definitely recommend attending.

Image result for red brick brewingFortunately and unfortunately, the beer selection at Red Brick has changed since my first visit. I really liked what I had originally, with about 6 or 7 different beer styles including the Vanilla Gorilla Porter. As Red Brick has continued to grow, I have had many of their more recent beers at local restaurants and beer festivals, and I have been truly impressed with their evolution. While I really enjoyed my first visit and the beer selection that they offered, the new and improved selection has helped to raise the bar in the GA brewing industry! More recently I have enjoyed some of the many events that the brewery has hosted, such as their employee brew-off where all of their employees were paired together and created their own brews. Almost all of them were surprisingly great! Red Brick’s tap room has expanded to add a little more space, in addition to the outdoor area with games and always present food trucks. Vanilla Gorilla is still around as a seasonal brew and one of my favorites in the state and I am always looking for any Red Brick on tap. While this brewery grows from its original smaller size to a much larger and more renowned company, I will be interested to see more of their events and beer offerings.

My Rating:

DateFacility RatingLocation RatingBeer RatingBeer Notes
2012 - 11/2016747Make sure to check out Laughing Skull: the Vortex beer

Best Beer: Vanilla Gorilla Imperial Porter - This beer does an excellent job of interpreting a porter while providing the big 8% ABV that you would normally see in a more robust stout. With notes of chocolate, coffee, and strong vanilla, this beer is surprisingly drinkable. I am starting to see vanilla porters or stouts at the local growler shops, but Red Brick perfected it back in 2012!