Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Brewpub Assumption

***Import Beer Note:

For many entering the craft beer world, it may be natural to think that the beer created in brewpubs is second-rate in comparison to beer-central breweries. "I mean, brewpubs have to worry about food, waiters, and brewing, right?" While this assumption sometimes comes without much thought, it is 100% incorrect; in fact, some of the best beer in the world is created and sold only in brewpubs. Brewers at these pubs usually focus solely on the beer and have separate partners who manage the food. They also can have immensely less distraction from the beer than other breweries, like mass production, distributors and shipping, etc. Brewpubs are often focused primarily on the beer they are brewing, and getting that beer just perfect to the fresh tap at the bar. I could ramble on about the incredible beer that can only be found at brewpubs, but I think you have the point. If you don’t believe me, just try a few of Georgia’s best local brewpubs:


Max Lager’s
Wrecking Bar
Slice and Pint
5 Seasons
Torched Hops


Moon River