Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sweetwater Brewing Company

Image result for sweetwater beerSo if you live in Georgia, you have heard of Sweetwater. If you don't live in Georgia, chances are, you've still heard of Sweetwater. No matter your preconceived conviction on this brewery's brand, they have helped to break the barriers in the southeastern US craft beer world. From their beginning in 1997, Sweetwater worked to initiate the craft beer movement in Georgia by introducing it where no others were producing. If you know much about the beginnings of craft beer in the US, you know that it has been a long and arduous struggle; When a customer is going to buy beer at the store, they will see a number of recognizable brands, and then an unfamiliar and more expensive option. Without knowing that the more expensive brand is priced due to the higher quality ingredients, or even knowing that there is a different style of beer in existence, the customer always picks the cheaper option. Getting the word out that there is new and different beer available was, and still is a challenge for craft brewers. Sweetwater was able to break through this challenge, and open the door  for many to follow in this section of the US.

Because of Sweetwater is Sweetwater, I would highly recommend a visit to their brewery. 

Below is a brief breakdown of my visit:


Pretty great location in Atlanta and within walking distance of a few restaurants.

The Facility

It is a big facility with lots of taps and employees/volunteers pouring. That being said,  expect a big crowd. Hopefully you will be luckier than I, and be able to enjoy a pour before having to get back in line.

The Tour

If elbow to elbow crowds are your thing, this is the place for you. The tour was worthless, due to the soft spoken girl trying to shout over the drunken fraternity attendees who seemed to be having beer for the first time. It was a Saturday in the spring, however it was my mistake thinking the downpour of rain would scare down the crowds a little. The guide was not experienced at brewing, and only provided the basics which is what most people are there for; she could not answer many questions that some of the folks asked.

I have only visited once and plan to visit again in case this was a one-off experience. Although I was not a fan of the tour, I still always recommend attending.

The Beer

Sweetwater is the biggest craft beer producer in Georgia, so you have to respect their product. I enjoyed tasting their offerings and was impressed by the selection that I had not seen on the market yet; and no, they're not all 420 clones. While you may see the more tame Sweetwater beers at your local restaurant, they actually have a very wide variety of offerings with some great brews. 

My Rating:

DateFacility RatingLocation RatingBeer RatingBeer Notes
2014865They have great beer out there; not always on tap at the brewery