Thursday, August 31, 2017

Printer's Ale Manufacturing Co.

If you happen to be passing by Carrollton, Ga, make sure that stop by and grab a beer or two from one of Georgia’s newest breweries (2017). The founders of Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Company boasts a long line of family entrepreneurs in the printing, and brewing businesses. While the two industries don’t necessarily overlap, “PAMCO” explains the meticulous and hard-working mentality that has made them successful over the past years, and which they plan to apply to their new brewery. As they share the space with their printing business, Printed Specialties Inc, they also plan to share their core value which has remained a constant in their changing industry, “Commitment to Quality.”

When I first arrived at the their facility, I immediately sensed a feeling of excitement; a brand new brewery! They have new wooden tables outside with plenty of space, a stage area for music, they have set up some homegrown hop plants, and even have a small disc golf course. Inside the building, they have plastered the red brick walls with prints of their brewery and information about their family businesses. You can learn all about the printing business and its value adding implications applied to their brewing. The 20-barrel brewing system can be viewed with beer in hand, and if the first thing that you notice is the shiny brewing equipment, the next will be the room that they have to later expand! One of my favorite items to look for at any brewery is their amount of brewing experimentation and the system they use for small batches, and the pilot system found at Printer’s has to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen!

As I finished viewing the tour of the facility, I contemplated the potential that they had for growth, and how the facility seemed to be set up with that in mind. While growth and expansion is a great planning for new businesses, you have to have a solid product to get you there. After sampling the options that they had on draft, I give the thumbs up to this green business. They have all of the staples that you would expect (wheat beer, golden ale, amber ale, IPA, porter, DIPA, etc), and all of them seem to be on the mark. That being said, we see plenty of breweries with good beer; They will really need to have some that outshine other competitors and great distributing. For now, I will leave that up to PAMCO to handle, and I will have another beer. I look forward to seeing more from Printer's Ale Manufacturing Co.

My Rating:

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I wasn’t disappointed by any, and hope that they can develop one that stands out above the competition

Best Beer: Makeready Session IPA - This light beer was exactly what I needed on the hot summer day that I visited. Full of flavorful and aromatic hops, but light enough to handle in the heat of the day. The light, bready malt backbone made this one about as drinkable as they come.