Wednesday, November 21, 2018

2018 and Travel Pictures

The year of 2018 has moved very fast, and we're now on the tail end of what has been another eventful year. With weddings, travel planning, several events, and much more, we have been unfortunately been held away from posting regularly to the site.

 Well no more!

 There is always some reason or another for plans to get in the way of posting, but with some time re-alignment, we can get right back to it.

Expect there to be some "Posts from the Past" coming up, where we'll share great travels that haven't yet hit the website, such as: More on beer from Bavaria, Ecuador and the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, Quebec City at Christmas, a return to Asheville, and everything France. We also plan to provide more guests posts, and info on visiting New York City at Christmas! Get excited!

 Even when we're not posting on the blog, you can track travels and adventures through our Instagram page #TravelCultureBeer, or just click the 'Travel Pictures' link in the banner above.

Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon...!