Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why do we Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day is a day that I have always enjoyed; wearing green, pinching those who forget, and an excuse to hit my favorite Irish pubs for some delicious Guinness! As I saw the day coming up on my calendar this year, I starting to think about my plans and where to celebrate. Before long, I was thinking even more deeply about the day, and became curious as to why we celebrate it in the first place and why it has become such a big holiday in the United States. Strangely enough, it was not at all what I previously thought, and I bet that you will be shocked too. Take a look to learn the brief history of Saint Patrick, the myths and facts around him, and the evolution of St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Beer Scene in Catalonia

Surrounding the Mediterranean, there is an abundance of wine and spirits and a passion for the history and terroir associated with them. Reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, still, sipping cocktails, pastis, absinthes… and the list could go on. The one player that doesn’t usually make its way onto the list  in these regions is beer. Beer can now be found nearly everywhere in the world so why does the Mediterranean not have their own classic style? There are many reasons as to why this might be the case, but more importantly is that the lack of a great beer scene and style will soon be a thing of the past. With this unclaimed product available to any who will take it, the Catalan region has tested the waters and is now trailblazing their way to owning this piece of what will become history.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Antoni Gaudí - Expand your knowledge of the Catalan culture

If you're about to go on vacation to a new place you have never visited, you're likely one of the many who will search to find some of the top attractions in that city, state, or country. That's smart, because who would want to miss out on most popular attractions worth seeing? Top attractions usually include things like seeing the Eiffel Tower, a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, a visit to Big Ben, or to go see the Colosseum. So when you think of Barcelona, what are the big attractions that you want to see? The answer, whether you have to do a search for it or not, is undoubtedly going to be the iconic works of Antoni Gaudí.

 Antoni Gaudí

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Culture Education: The Negroni

This read will be a brief adventure into the current cultural world of cocktails; Specifically, a cocktail that has now existed for exactly a century this year (according to the facts we have). While you may have heard of this brilliantly balanced aperitif, the majority of the U.S. has refused to acknowledge it, despite it being in the top 3 most popular cocktails in the world over the last 3 years. Time and time again, I find myself craving this easily made drink, only to find that the airport bartender has not heard of it. At this point,  you're surely already groaning, "So you're one of those people! A hipster looking for a unique drink and expecting that everyone has heard of it." No, I'm really not! Did you just read the above where I quoted that it is factually one of the most popular drinks in the world!? You don't need to know this drink because it is popular or because I like it, or because it's been around a long time... You need to know this drink because you have been missing out! After trying it, it will surely become a staple in your house and at your local bar like it has mine.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

How to Find the Cheapest Flights

Have you ever really wanted to see New Orleans but it's sooo far away that it's not worth driving to visit? Are you one of those people who say that you would love to visit Paris, but flights are just so expensive? Have you thought about getting away but you start to think about how much a flight would cost and then you just give up?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above and we were talking face-to-face, I would ask, "Have you even tried?"

It's incredible how much a flight can cost, and if you're planning your spring break or just wanting to see someplace new, it's often the flight cost that can keep your dreams from reaching reality. While flight prices can be extremely expensive, there are several ways that you can find an affordably priced getaway, you just have to look. I have been tracking flight prices, reading books and websites on flight price patterns, and keeping up with flight tracking technology long enough to have found some easy-to-use websites and references that can help make your trip much more affordable than you had previously thought.

In the link below, I share with you the 5 steps to keep in mind when planning and booking any flight. These steps have helped me to keep my flight prices low and created travel opportunities that I never thought would be possible! Start thinking about that place that you have always wanted to go and check out my 5 steps towards cheap flights:

How to: Find the Cheapest Flights