Solo Traveling through Austria, the Bavarian Alps, and Berchtesgaden. Day 4


  • For my last day in Vienna, I got up decently early, and tried another Cafe. This was my favorite by far!! It had “Ransome” written all over it. If that wasn’t enough, I got a perfect seat, looked at the menu, and the first thing that I saw was the Viennese Business Breakfast; It consists of a melange coffee, sausages, potatoes, an egg, and a small Gosser beer. I enjoyed this breakfast thoroughly. It helped get past the pouring rain outside.

  • I then went to the National Library, which was even more amazing than the coffee house. Pictures don’t do it justice and I can’t describe how awesome it was. It was also filled with masonic artifacts and history, which was right down my alley. I am a big fan of books, bookshelves, libraries, globes, etc, and this was my heaven:

  • I then walked all the way across town in the still pouring rain. I stopped into another coffee shop, Cafe Landtmann that would probably be very nice, but they were overcompensating for the cold outside, and I was sweating hot sitting inside. I left as quickly as I could after having a coffee, and continued outside of town to the Sigmund Freud museum. This again, was burning hot inside, and was as crowded as possible. The museum is actually Freud’s apartment and office, so that was interesting, but the information was lacking and it seemed more like a tourist trap than anything. I had a very long walk back in the pouring rain and made it to work about an hour early. I was tired from all of the walking, and sick of the rain, so I stayed and wrote this instead of going back out. Vienna had been very good to me, but I was also looking forward to my next stop tomorrow: Salzburg!

Freud’s waiting room: