Solo Traveling through Austria, the Bavarian Alps, and Berchtesgaden. Day 5


Well it has been a long couple of days! I’m writing this on 10/5, and am now in Salzburg. Let’s see if I can even remember what I did yesterday:

  • I woke up very early, as I had to coordinate a number of buses in order to get to my train to Salzburg. I had ordered the train ticket the night before, which had been quite a struggle. I also had to find a place to stay, and pinned down an AirBnb in the heart of the old town area. I am so exhausted from spending sooo much time working on figuring out buses and trains, I’m just going to skip the turmoil. Anyway, I packed up and headed out, and eventually made it to my first train. The train was very nice, and despite the fact that I had paid extra to book a specific seat, there were no reserved seats on the train. I squeezed my way in, and got a window seat like I wanted! This was great… right up until I bunch of smelly old German people got on at the next stop, and took up all of my space (ALL of it). I was seated at a table with one person next to me, and two across and facing me. They were backpackers in their 60s who clearly didn’t care about hygiene anymore, or the people that they might affect.

  • I tried to enjoy the view, which really turned out to not be as exciting as I thought that it would be. One thing that was interesting, is that every town has a pretty and old church/clock tower. These churches are always the tallest building in the town, and they have very unique and picturesque tops above the clocks. However, after the 3rd or 4th, everything looked pretty similar to the US. After about 3 hours, I made it to Salzburg. I hadn’t eaten yet, was hungry and thirsty, and ready to get off of the train!

  • When I left the train, I then had to get to the AirBnb. I had to figure out tickets to the public buses (don’t get me started on that; I need something stronger than beer), find the right bus, and figure out how to stop the bus, to let me out at the right place. I could go on but… I’m tired.

  • Long story short, I found the flat, it was on the 6th floor in the very middle of the tourist/downtown area. I went up and got the keys, talked to the owner, dropped my stuff off, went back down and sat at the first outdoor seat I could find. I asked for beer and saw a picture of wiener schnitzel, and ordered it. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • After that, I just started to walk. I didn’t have any specific plans, and just took in all that I could see. I was surrounded by the biggest high-end, outdoor shopping mall ever. I then saw a very pretty church, and walked over to it. All of the sudden, I saw the actual old-town area. It was incredible looking. It was filled with ancient looking and gigantic buildings. I stopped at a cool looking bier garden, had a giant beer, and then kept going. I continued to walk around, but decided that I needed to go check out the flat, get some water, and make plans for tomorrow before it was too late.

  • Checking out the flat, I found that it was very tiny; not that I’m complaining, the location couldn’t be better and the price was good. It has a small hard bed and a half couch, and a nice view outside the window (which had a pot plant in it haha). I tediously working on my plans for the next day, and when I was done, I was so sick of being on my computer and was ready go, I just left. I planned to hop on a bus which I thought was going to take me to the old-town area of Salzburg, and I did hop on a bus, but it wasn’t going to the old-town area. I also didn’t realize that until it was too late. After about an hour, I decided that it was not turning around anytime soon, and got off. I said that this was an adventure, and now it is: I don’t know where I am, I don’t know how to get back, but I can walk, and the weather is nice. I don’t know how far I walked, but it was enough. Just when the regret started to sink in, I saw a nice looking turn-off, and went that way.

The flat:

The view from the flat:

Another view from the flat:

  • Walking down this turnoff, I could tell that it was something, but wasn’t sure what. The grass was beautiful, and scenery was nice. There was an orchard of trees along the road, and so I followed it further. Eventually it took me to a very big house; like enormous big. It had water gardens, fish, statues, and then I saw a picture of the pavilion from the Sound of Music. This place was really nice, not crowded, and slightly relaxing, except that I was already so tired from walking. The sights were really incredible.

Followed the endless green grass:

Found a path:

A REALLY big house:

The gardens:

  • Another long story short, I walked until I found a bus stop, and waited hopefully for one to arrive. It eventually did, and was taking me back the way I wanted it to go! I was very excited. I jumped off at a place I didn’t recognize, and it must have been a coincidence, because it was at the other Sound of Music place. I can’t remember what part of it was in the sound of music, and it may have been the inside which I didn’t get to see. I even saw a gnome garden (which I actually think is a dwarf garden; it’s kind of bad when you think of it that way). I walked through the beautiful gardens, and then just continued walking through the oldtown area and stopped if I felt like it.

  • I then found a Belgian beer bar. Well, I had to stop. I was so tired from walking, and this had to be a sign. I went in, and it was kind of creepy at first, but soon started to pick up. I had a session IPA (from Belgium remember, that’s unique). It was really good. Then before I had finished it, a group of about 20 Germans came in, all ordered the same thing, and then handed one to me. It was the same brand as the one that I had been drinking, but was a pilsner, and not that great. I was grateful anyway. I ended up talking beer with an english speaker for a bit, and then the Germans started trying to talk with us, somewhat unsuccessfully. The bartender did some translating, and said that they were inviting me to on Oktoberfest celebration. I was thankful, but not ready to head to Germany yet. He said that it is in town, and that I should go. Well, going to an Oktoberfest without any english speakers, in Austria: Why not?

  • The place was called Brauhause Augustinerbrau, which I’m thinking means St. Augustine’s Brewhouse. I got there a little later, and couldn’t find it where I thought it was. It was dark, and in the middle of town, but in a very dark, creepy alley. I was just about to shrug my shoulders and cut my losses, when I saw someone open a giant door and go in. I went over to it, and saw two giant, unmarked doors in the middle of this alley. I opened them. I went in and saw a completely blank hallway which turned to the right. I timidly walked down the hallway, not sure if I should be in here or not. When I turned to the right, there was another door. As I walked through, I saw a statue of what I think is St. Augustine, and some well lit stairs and some noise. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I knew that I was in the right place.

  • I walked around this maze, and saw over 6 cafeteria sized rooms filled with long tables of people drinking Hulk sized muggs, I saw big fat ugly women selling every meat and sausage known, and then I saw the beer! They had mountains of beer mugs, and the goal is to pick which sized mug you want, and then go fill it. They had fat guys lifting barrels of beer for you, and if that wasn’t good enough, there was a beer fountain that had spickets of beer flowing out! It was the real deal! Well I didn’t see any man that had a smaller glass than a full liter, so that is what I got!

  • I found the Germans and clinked glasses with them for a bit, but the communication was a little limited. Half way down my liter, I was ready for some food, so I went out to the food area, played eni meni miny moe until I picked one, and it was DELICIOUS. I’m pretty sure they went out back and killed the pig when I asked for it. Finishing my food and beer, I was feeling quite full, had a very long day, and a long one up ahead, so I took my leave. I enjoyed some nice scenery along the way. The combination of beer, food, and the scenery was almost enough to take my mind off of my feet that were killing me! Almost.

Food hall:


After the long day, I walked back to the AirBnB and slept very well that night!