Solo Travels to Austria, the Bavarian Alps, and Berchtesgaden: Day 2

Day 2

  • Sunday I woke up refreshed and ready to go. The big thing in Vienna is their coffee houses. Many many famous writers were known to spend all day in these coffee houses. Becoming a waiter at these coffee houses is very prestigious, and they all wear tuxedos and treat everyone terribly. People are expected to spend a lot of time at the coffee houses, reading the paper, or just sitting, and you can stay all day and only order one coffee and they don’t mind. It’s very interesting. Many famous writers have written in some of these coffee houses that are still here now.

  • I picked out one called Cafe Central, and started walking, and arrived right when it opened. Lucky for me, since the line started shortly after I sat down. It was fantastic, and very relaxing. I had a Vienna coffee, 2 pieces of bakery bread with butter and jam and a boiled egg. I read the news on my phone and had another coffee, and before I could wave down the waiter, 3 hours had gone by. It was a very “Ransome” type of place:

  • When I finally left, I headed to the world’s biggest globe museum. It was very interesting and some of the globes dated as far back as the 14th century!

  • After the globe museum, I was ready for more, and headed to the world’s biggest clock museum. Also very interesting!

  • I then went to a holocaust memorial museum:

  • It just so happened to be right in front of a brewery that I wanted to visit! The brewery, Beiradies, had some of the best food that I have had! I ordered veal stuffed pork, peppers in beef goulash, fried egg, pork stuffed ham, pepper sausage, and pickles. It was amazing!

  • I was pretty full and tired, so I decided to go rest back at the AirBnB. On the way, I visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is the coolest and most extravagantly designed church I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a few)!

  • After a short rest, it was time to go back out. I intended to have a beer at a nearby brewery, and then visit the library, but the library was closed. So I just did some walking, and visited a few more pubs and ended up going back to the 1516 brewer that I had visited the night before. It was less crowded and I was able to get a seat at the bar. I talked with the bartender about the beer and a person next to me jumped in and we talked beer for quite a while. They have some good beer, but their best are their German styles.

Bermuda Brau:

More scenery:

Gosser Brewery where I tried some beer and had liver dumpling soup:

After leaving 1516 Brewery, I headed back for some needed rest!